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“Good evening, dear Helen,” said Collins. “Have you had your supper?
Helen: I’m glad to see you, dear Collins. You’re finished. I’ve eaten. How are you today?
Collins said, “I’ve had a long day at work. I haven’t had dinner yet. I’m going out to get something to eat.”.
Helen: Then you go out to eat something, take good care of yourself, and then have a good rest. The next day, you are in good spirits. You eat well, sleep well, and take good care of your body is the most important thing at any time.
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柯林斯说:是的,你知道吗?这个星期真的很忙,我真的等不及想要过周末了, 周末我通常会去打高尔夫,和同事出去玩放松一下。
Collins said, Yes, you know what? This week is really busy. I really can’t wait for the weekend. I usually play golf and go out with my colleagues to relax.
Helen replied: I understand your feelings at this moment. I used to have it. When I was a child, I didn’t like working in the ground. I felt that the sun was very dry and the ground was bitten by mosquitoes and was very tired. The clothes were dirty and sometimes tired. I don’t want to eat or move, and I can fall asleep when I lie down, especially during the busy farming period every year. I get up at 4 in the morning and work in the field. I only come back at 10 in the evening. I often suffer from physical exhaustion. When I was young, I didn’t like this kind of life. The busy farming period is difficult for me, I really want to run home to watch TV and do something I like to ease or escape.
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But later, I observe those elders who are farming. Theyare very hardworking in harvesting. For them, this means harvesting. Their bodies are busy, but their hearts are joyful, so their sweaty faces always wear With a contented smile and anxiousness to finish harvesting the crops, because there are a lot of thunderstorms this season, I later discovered that when I was a child, I had a different mentality from adults. I didn’t like to do this, so it was harder to do it. Later I found what I loved and liked to do , This makes me feel a lot more comfortable. In fact, the mentality to do one thing is the most important thing.
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Until I got married, I still lived in the mountains with my parents-in-law’s family. The parents-in-law’s family has been farming the land for a lifetime, but the mother-in-law is very proud and satisfied with the crops she grows. The happiness is like writing the words I want to write. Full of happiness, so our mothers-in-laws who seem to be physically laborious do not feel tired.
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Later I went to the field to help my mother-in-law work. My mother-in-law and I chatted while busy in the field. Either I told stories to my mother-in-law or listened to her and my experience of farming over the years. In fact, I learned a lot of things that I didn’t understand during my work with her mother-in-law. Work is also very physical exercise. Chatting with her mother-in-law did not feel bored. Instead, the whole family did not feel bored and hard. I felt very happy, and the crops were harvested quickly.
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Originally, I didn’t like to work, but when I changed my attitude towards working in the field, I felt that my in-laws were getting older and I went to help the field to work. I could accompany the elderly to harvest the crops, and I could use labor as a part of the work. This kind of exercise makes me feel a lot easier to do. For things that I didn’t particularly like doing before, if I change my mindset to do things, I feel completely different when doing things.
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You regard work as spiritual practice in life. In my life and work, I am busy and idle. I work in a state of emptiness and concentrate on my work. It is easy for me to feel the happy state of flow in my heart, which will make me very happy and positive to complete one thing. Change my attitude to work, and the state of work will soon be changed. Many things in life, change an angle, change my view. You will find that life is really a different realm!
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Adjust the state of mind of the work, Work state will happen wonderful changes, You feel irritable work will become a kind of enjoyment, Just like you play golf, With open and relaxed state to work, So you will feel that work can also harvest a lot of fun. Believe me, I usually is so face work life, Even if the work at first I do not so handy, But if I take it seriously, it won’t be so difficult to handle.
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Collins said: “Yes, dear, I think you are right, I will try to adjust the mentality and rhythm of the work, the work seriously to do a good job.”.
Helen A: Many times in life, we will encounter things that we don’t like very much, and often feel very tired. When you change your work mentality, take the work you don’t like as a good exercise for yourself. When you change your mindset to do it, you are already better than your past self.
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In the past, I only had a flow experience of doing things that I liked, and I always wanted to finish what I didn’t like to do. The process of doing things feels particularly long, always anxious, will unconsciously want to escape. Later, I slowly learned how to get along with people and things I don’t like very much in life. Instead, I learned more. My mentality and state of mind have been greatly improved and improved on the basis of the previous ones. You regard these things in life as a kind of growth, and life has gradually become happy in it.
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In the face of work that you are not good at headaches, don’t escape, think about how to do better with better methods and mentality, so that we will have greater improvement and progress. The mentality of doing this will not bring us mental and physical internal friction. Life will be much easier. Any time you learn to accept the emotions you feel, whether it is a good or a bad emotion, this is your unique experience. Will give you a special experience, when you accept the emotion itself, Accepting life as it is, the feeling of happiness will naturally return, and we will also experience the feeling of joy and peace in our hearts.
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How capable a person is, how many gifts God will give him. But how to test your abilities? Then just set up a series of levels to show you how many levels you can overcome! Please always remember that all hardships will be rewarded. Thinking of this, will you have the courage to go on?
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Collins said: When I talk to you, I feel that I have become energetic and feel very happy. I will adjust my life and work status according to what you say. I will laugh unconsciously when I talk to you and feel very happy and relaxed. , Dear Helen, I am going to take a bath and rest, and I will have to work hard tomorrow, thank you for telling me so much, good night dear Helen.
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Helen: I know you’re tired. Wash up and get some rest. I’ll put my daughter to bed. Good night, dear Collins.
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